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Venice Beach, CA: Sitting Outside of the exterior of Hank Moody’s home on the TV show, Californication.

I am a solo traveller with ambitions to take on the crazy and the calm in every country around the world. Whether skydiving or enjoying a spa day, I always seek the angles that few people look through and that is why I started my travel blog; a chance to share a different side of travel with all of you.

Up to this point I have been a serial entrepreneur, creating and selling companies that range from marketing firms to Canada's largest Halloween event. I am also a published author, TV personality on 3 TV shows, and I have coordinated large political events. My education in Business Administration helped me along my journey but real-world experience provided me with the drive to fuel my passion projects; such as travel blogging.

Many of my events and campaigns have won awards or notable mentions from industry leaders, but it is my combination of professionalism and sass that has developed into a reputation before I enter many boardrooms. My business card literally says, "Chief Strategist AKA Thinks Sh*t Up".

Professional ambitions aside, my goals in life are to travel and write. There is simply too much world to see, and sitting in an office for decades just isn't an option for me. One day, maybe ... I’ll add another name to this blog and we can be a couple enjoying all this spinning rock and water have to offer.

Through my travels to exotic, tropical, freezing cold, and historic destinations I have discovered a love for road trips, surfing, snow drifting, skydiving and other extreme activities; people watching and I've also become quite the foodie (hold the onions)!

I would get a dog ... but I travel too much. I would buy a house ... but I travel too much. I would get married ... but I travel too much. What do you think I should be doing with my life?

If you’re curious about my journey in travel blogging thus far, take a look at this great interview with my travel mentors; Pete & Heather Reese. They teach a fantastic course that can get you going in the world of travel blogging. It truly is an indispensable tool.


If you want to know more about their course, click here.

Enjoy the video.

It’s a fun conversation and good for some laughs.

Play on, playa.



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