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Who Really Has the Cheapest Flights?

It’s become one of the greatest debates of our time! Who has the cheapest flights? Your uncle Jim says Expedia. Your aunt Jane says Google. Your cousin Johnny says the airline sites You? Well you might feel that Kayak gets the deals. But, who amongst you is right?

The $50 Trick Every Traveller Should Know

In my previous blog, I spoke about how to pack light. I didn’t mention anything about toiletries in that post, and for good reason. Repeat after me: There is no good reason to pack toiletries unless you are going to a destination that doesn’t have any.

Packing Light is Your Key to Freedom

I am a light packer for all trips. This is not only prudent but saves my sanity. For any trip, 10 days or less I will have 1 carry-on and that is all. How do I achieve such a feat? Well, let me break down for you what’s in my suitcase.

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