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Definitive Guide: The Las Vegas Strip

Updated: Nov 16

There are a few places in this world that I love to travel to on a regular basis. Las Vegas is definitely at the top of the list. When you’ve been to Vegas as much as I have you get a solid understanding for the lay of the land. It is with that in mind that I give you my first Definitive Guide … to Las Vegas!

BEST STEAKHOUSE CRAFTSTEAK INSIDE MGM GRAND Make reservations. It can be quite the challenge to get a seat if you just walk-up. This restaurant is often referred to as the Presidential Steakhouse, as I’m pretty sure all US Presidents since they opened have had multiple dinners here.

In terms of ordering: Roasted steaks, the puree, honey carrots, asparagus, and their brussels sprouts are must have’s. The buns are addictive—seriously, you’ll never have a better bun. I’ve been to Craftsteak so many times and have never been disappointed. It’s my favorite restaurant on earth.

BEST GOURMET BURGER BURGR BY GORDON RAMSEY IN PH They offer no reservations, and often times you can end up waiting an hour or more but if you love burgers it’s absolutely worth the wait. The lineup runs through the PH so people watching in line is always fun. If there’s one or two of you and you don’t mind sitting at the bar top, tell them when you register. It’s often the fastest way in.

When ordering: I love the Farm Burger and although it may seem strange, the icing sugar on sweet potato fries is unbelievably good.

BEST CHEAP BURGER IN & OUT BURGER Another place you’ll likely have to wait in line for is In & Out, but greasing it down never tasted so good. If you’re looking to get really wild, order their off the menu “Animal Burger”. The shakes are ridiculously tasty as well. The only downside is the single fried fries. They’re pretty terrible.

BEST SHOW LE RÊVE AT THE WYNN I think I’ve seen every Cirque show in Vegas. The choreographer for Le Rêve was actually let go from Cirque for taking too many risks so the Wynn took a risk on him. Pro Tip: Get the chocolate covered strawberries. They’re huge and perfect!

I recommend seeing if you can get splash seats. They’re cheaper and you’ll barely get any water on you. When you do, if you’re not too stuffy, it’ll add to the experience. Warning though: when you leave you’ll find you feel as if you’re in a bit of a dream sequence. It’ll take a bit to come back down to reality.

BEST ON THE STRIP NIGHTCLUBS OMNIA, INTRIGUE, AND DRAIS AFTER HOURS All nightclubs in Vegas are fundamentally the same; house music, packed, bottle service is the only way to go, and if you’re a beautiful woman dressed well you’ll get in faster. Guys, it’s pay to play. The reason I picked these 3 clubs is because they are the one’s that I have the most fun at. The staff are great and despite the pretension it seems like these rooms encourage being uninhibited.

Go to Omnia or Intrigue and then if you have the stamina, hit Drais. It is the best after hours spot on the strip, hands down. At Drais, you’ll hear a better mix of music than at the other clubs on the Strip..

BEST OFF THE STRIP CLUB EMBASSY NIGHTCLUB Voted the top Latin Club in the US, Embassy is a cool spot in a former strip club with insanely good DJs. DJ Fuzion is their main weekend resident and he’s straight fire. You can also ball out on a budget here with affordable bottle service. You might be thinking, “I don’t like Latin music.” Yes, you do. I thought exactly the same thing, and while they do mix it up, Latin vibes dominate and you’ll get into it. There’s something so carefree about going Latin for a night.

BEST STRIP CLUBS TIE: SPEARMINT RHINO AND SAPPHIRE I prefer Sapphire; more bang for your buck so to speak, and they have every kind of girl you can imagine. It also doesn’t feel like a strip club. It’s kinda sports bar meets strip club, meets lounge. I’m not a big strip club guy but it’s a fun spot to hang out for sure. Spearmint Rhino is incredibly popular though, so they’re both worth checking out.

BEST POOLS I’d say for daytime lounging (without the club atmosphere known as Day Clubs) the pool at Caesars is your go to. Off the strip, Rio. For the best Dayclub experience check out Surrender (Encore Day Club).

BEST MAGIC SHOW PENN & TELLER AT RIO Magic shows can be pretty lame at times but Penn & Teller are unique in that they tell you how they do the trick, then they do it, and you’re still confused! Comedy meets magic in a show that is sure to blow you away. Most nights, you can meet them after the show just outside of the theatre too. Don’t hold my choice of shirt against me, or my hair. It was an awkward stage.

BEST CHEAP DRINKS CASINO ROYALE There’s a little bar inside Casino Royale. Can’t remember the name for the life of me, but they have thee cheapest drinks in Vegas. I’m sure if you wander in, staff will let you know where to go.

BEST MALL FASHION SHOW ACROSS FROM THE WYNN Fashion Show has a little bit of everything including an actual fashion show on weekends. The mall is huge (3 levels) and requires some solid time to get through. Take advantage of the massage therapy for $20 and if you’re hungry hit Strip Burger. Guys, if you’re like me and love t-shirts, go to Cotton On.

BEST OUTLET MALL NORTH PREMIUM OUTLETS Another mall with everything, but it’s fun to shop outside (especially if you’re from Canada). There’s a great shoe cleaning spot and of course, ice cream is a must from Godiva on a hot Vegas day.

BEST AMERICAN DINER JOHNNY ROCKET’S INSIDE FASHION SHOW MALL Diner food with big portions. I don’t know if they still have employees singing classic diner songs on tables (as a friend told me they’ve stopped) but if they do, it’s a fun treat.

BEST FANTASY SHOW FANTASY AT LUXOR It’s a topless revue with a hilarious comedian. Go to Luxor and buy the tickets. The person at the box office has discretion to upgrade your seats. My ex and I were upgraded to front row and became a part of the entire show. They ripped on me hard, pulled me up on stage, dressed me up like Elvis, and it was pretty fricken awesome.

BEST CHEAP SHOWS ZOMBIE BURLESQUE AT PH, MJ ONE AT MANDALAY BAY, AQUARIUM AT MANDALAY BAY Each of these are the best show shows in Vegas. Just pick the one that interests you most.

BEST HOTELS TO CHECKOUT COSMO, VENETIAN (THE GONDOLA RIDES ARE COOL), WYNN/ENCORE, LUXOR IF YOU LIKE EGYPTIAN CULTURE Not to be confused with best hotels to stay at, each of these properties are stunning depending on your tastes. It’s hard to pick just a few because nearly every hotel in Vegas is worth checking out.

BEST BUFFETS THE ORLEANS (OFF STRIP) , PH (ON STRIP) You can get your fix of pretty much any kind of food you want at these buffets except burgers and steak. The Orleans is the best in town, while PH offers the best experience on the strip.

BEST ATTRACTION I’d have to say The Linq Promenade. You can go there and get on the High Roller (largest Ferris wheel in the world), go bowling at the coolest bowling alley on earth, do VR, eat, try unique beers, hear artists, get yourself painted; pretty much anything happens at The Linq. Consider it a mini-strip on the strip.

OFF THE BEATEN PATH UTVing at Ultimate Desert Adventures (amazing and you don't need to be with some lame, caffeine addicted guide). Lake Las Vegas. Go downtown and you'll end up in a really trendy art district with tons of random stuff to do (start at Container Park). Rent sports cars and boot around the race track. Also, check out Top Golf behind MGM Grand for a very unique driving range experience. Count on Vegas to turn golf into gaming.

BEST PATIO BEERPARK AT PARIS I don’t even drink and I love this spot. The second level patio overlooks the strip and the Bellagio Fountains. Any game anywhere in the world is playing on the TVs, and table games can be found throughout.

PRO TIPS The tours can be exhausting as they nearly kill your entire day. I recommend renting a car if you're gonna do that kind of stuff. Just going to the Grand Canyon can take forever. If you’re going to do it then do it early. I mean really early; beat the sun.

The Strip is longer than you think. The only time I’ve gone from The Strat to Luxor took the entire day and we didn’t stop at every hotel. I recommend doing this walk in one solid day though. You get it out of the way and it’s a lot of fun with the right people. Driving is nearly impossible as you’ll spend hundreds for parking.

If you’re doing a tour or walking the strip, make sure you have a backpack with water, a second pair of shoes, and a change of clothes just in case you find something cool to do and you’re dressed comfortably (which you should be). You can always check your bag at the hotel.

Have you been to Las Vegas? What are your go-to spots?

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