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Destinations Inn in Idaho Falls


295 W Broadway St, Idaho Falls, ID 83402, United States

1 208-528-8444 https://www.destinationsinn.com/

As I’m sure you can tell by the first picture on this blog, Destinations Inn is inconspicuous in appearance from the outside. In fact, I blinked while looking for it and missed the cozy Inn right off a main drag in Idaho Falls. I feel like the owners purposefully made the outside look underwhelming to set you up for the hotel surprise of a lifetime.

Once inside you get it … really quick! And by it, I mean the fact that this is a hotel unlike any other. The themes are so meticulously prepared that I’m not even sure how they can charge as little as they do. Check out their website for active pricing and I guarantee unless inflation is 1m% at some point while you’re reading this, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

To start off, let’s look at some rooms I didn’t stay in.

Larry is an awesome guy! Seriously, he’s one of the nicest inn keepers I’ve ever come across. I also had the pleasure of meeting his wife, as they are a couple that runs this hotel and another close by called the Black Swan Inn.

The remarkable aspect of this hotel is that I kinda felt at home immediately. The staff were ultra-friendly and when I’d get back in after a late night, it felt like coming home, flipping on a light switch and collapsing into my own bed.

Now, for the rooms I stayed in. CHECK THESE OUT!


Aren’t those rooms absolutely sick?!?! I didn’t want to leave! Some points about the rooms I didn’t mention the videos:

  • The beds are seriously comfy. I mean, disturbingly so. I didn’t want to get up and had an incredible sleep each night I was there.

  • The cinnamon bun they bring you in the morning is huge!

  • The sauna in Egypt was probably the most extreme I’ve felt in a hotel I’ve stayed … in a good way. For those of you that don’t sauna … you should. It’s absolutely the best way to end a night off.

  • It’s freaky quiet in the hotel. The hallways are peopleless despite them being at capacity when I was there. The hustle and bustle of a regular old hotel can get pretty tired, especially if you’re looking for romance. I got the most out of my quiet time at Destinations Inn.

But, let’s face it, you’re not here for what I write, you’d rather hear my thoughts on the spot, so let’s dive into my final remarks on my final day at Destinations Inn in Idaho, Falls!

I hope you enjoyed my breakdown of Destinations Inn. This place wasn’t just unreal, but surreal at times. Can’t wait to be dating someone and come back!

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