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Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas


3667 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA

Tel: +1 866-919-7472 https://www.facebook.com/phVegas

I have stayed at PH 3 times and the list of reasons is lengthy. First, let’s talk location. While jumping from hotel to hotel in Las Vegas seems like an easy task, it really isn’t. I once did the whole strip but it took morning through night to do it. PH is perfectly placed near the middle of The Strip and the amenities are some of the best in the city.

As you would expect, PH is a bit of a party hotel, which (if that’s what you like) is a lot of fun. The casino floor has an uplifting feel to it and you really feel on vacation from the first time you go up the escalators from check-in past the colourful chandelier hanging above.

As you can expect from Caesars (the brand that holds PH) the service is above reproach. The concierge was quite knowledgeable and the bell hop surprisingly had the bags at my door before I even got to the room on all 3 occasions. Now, let’s talk the room!


First, the obvious … with a room called the Pinnacle Lakeview, you know that there’s going to be quite the view from the 22nd floor. It did not disappoint. Take a look for yourself.

All 3 times I’ve stayed at PH I’ve asked for the Eiffel Tower view and they’ve accommodated me. Reason being, well … just look! It’s absolutely gorgeous and no matter how many times I see it, the Bellagio Fountains from this view are spectacular. If you’re traveling with someone that takes awhile to get ready before you go out for the evening, grab a drink and just take in the view. I promise you, the moment of serenity will do you good before your night gets wild.

I’m not sure of the other views from the hotel, but I suggest requesting an Eiffel Tower view when you stay here.

THE MAIN ROOM I love the rooms at PH! In the past I had gotten rooms with collectible memorabilia but with the last 2 visits I didn’t. Not sure if this was something they got rid of when they renovated, and while it was cool, I do enjoy the new rooms.

If you’re more of a traditionalist then these rooms probably won’t be your taste, but if you like the modern touch you’ll love PH. Splashes of paint accent some of the walls, cool art adorn various sections of the room and the colour palette is dark and deep. Given that many of us haven’t transitioned to a more modern look in our homes, it’s a treat to stay in PH suites.

WASHROOM Very spacious! That will be the first thing you say in your mind when you see your washroom at PH. There’s plenty of floor room, making a life of 2 getting ready a breeze. Once again, my favourite floor to ceiling glass shower feature is available. But, my next favourite feature is standard in the PH washrooms … an enclosed toilet away from the rest of the washroom. I like the privacy and I also like that it feels like an extra room and again is perfect when traveling as a couple or in pairs in general.

While you get ready in the washroom you will appreciate the number of towels they offer. It felt like double what I usually get from a Vegas hotel.

The suite itself is pretty perfect if you’re not too worry about being high-end Harry. For those of you that are into luxury stays, I partied in an actual suite at PH on one of my trips and they can absolutely accommodate you in that regard.

BUFFET PH is known for it’s buffet called Spice Market, and for good reason. If you can’t find something you love at their buffet then you need to get your taste buds checked (is that a thing?). The food is mind blowing from the American to Middle Eastern dishes, right through to the Mexican bar where non-traditional Canadian salsa fans can mix the hot sauce with Pico! This is rare in Vegas, where Mexican tradition is prevalent.

Seriously, go to the buffet even if you’re not a big eater. You will not regret it!


  • The Miracle Mile Shops: Endless shopping and fast dining choices await in the shops that wrap around PH. I have yet to need something in Vegas that I can’t find at the Miracle Mile!

  • 2 absolute dining highlights include Burgr by Gordon Ramsey. I LOVE the farm burger and sweet potato fries with icing sugar. I know, I know … it sounds weird but just go with it. The other dining highlight is in Miracle Mile. Chances are if you’re stay at PH you’re going relatively hard in Sin City so you’ll need energy in the morning. Hit up a spot called Jamba and get an energy bowl. It’s refreshing and really does help you wake up (no matter what you did the night before).

  • When you check-in, ask the front desk if there are any shows or events happening on the balcony level of the casino. During my first stay they were having a Saw movie premiere and I got to meet many of the actors. That’s me pictured above with Jigsaw’s wife. PH is where a lot of action happens in Vegas so you’ll want to check on what’s up.

  • Some of the greatest pop stars in the last few decades have performed at PH. We’re talking JLo, Britney, BSB …. even Def Leppard. Once again, I suggest doing your homework. There’s bound to be someone performing that you’d want to see!

  • The gym at PH is fantastic … probably because it’s a younger hotel and they know that this generation loves fitness! Get your morning workout in and enjoy some lemon or mint water and fruits while you do.

The Hidden Gem Highlight: $10 blackjack! At time of writing this you can still play $10/hand in traditional blackjack at PH. This is rare in Vegas on The Strip these days.

As I wasn’t travel blogging when I stayed at this hotel I didn’t get any video, however https://www.shesaved.com/ did grab some video of the Strip Suites so here you go. Side note, I really want to stay here again so I’ll update this blog eventually with a video of my own!

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